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Sign up today and never worry about laundry again!

Don't forget to signup for recurring laundry services. You can choose for weekly or bi-weekly recurring laundry service.

How to Order your clean clothes

How does the service work?

  1. ORDER: Call, text, or visit us online to place your order. Feel free to provide any special instructions.

  2. PREPARE: Gather all your dirty laundry into a bag, garbage bags work great (no hampers, please). Set your laundry outside for pick up. Machine-dry in one bag, hang-dry in another, and delicates in another.

  3. CROSS LAUNDRY OFF YOUR TO-DO LIST! Your laundry will be picked up, washed, dried, folded, or hung (Please, provide hangers)

  4. Delivery: Receive your fresh, clean, and perfectly folded clothing the next day or two days; depending on your ordering time and pounds.

  5. WEAR your fresh, clean, folded, or hung clothes.



How should I prepare for my first order?

We ask for you to check and empty all your pockets before bagging your laundry. We cannot be responsible for stains or damage from items left in pockets, such as lipstick, gum, pen, etc. Place your laundry in bags (garbage bags works great) or reusable laundry bag (no hampers, please) and place them outside ready to be picked up. Don't forget to label your hand-dry and pre-stain stain items in a different bag.


What happens if I leave personal items in my pockets? 

We ask that you ensure all items have been removed from your pockets before pick-up. In the event that we do find items in your pockets, we'll return them inside a sealed bag along with your laundry.


Do I need to separate my laundry items?

Yes, and No. We'll sort everything out before it's washed. We even do our best to sort your laundry by family member before we fold and bag it for delivery so it's drawer store ready. The only things you need to sort and pack in separate bags are your air-dry items and those that need pre-stain treatment; everything else we'll take care of.


Is same-day service available?

Absolutely! Same-day service is available at $2.25 a pound. Your order must be placed by 10:00 Am and must be under 30 lbs. to qualify for same-day service. Your fresh clean, and nicely fold clothes will be delivered by/before 8:00 pm the same day.


When will I receive my laundry back?

We're currently open Monday - Friday. Depending on the service you choose you will receive it within 48-Hours, the Next-Day or the Same-Day by or before 8:00 PM

Example of our 48-hours Service:

Pick Up on Monday will be returned on Wednesday

Pick Up on Tuesday will be returned on Thursday

Pick Up on Wednesday will be returned on Friday

Pick Up on Thursday will be returned on Monday

Pick Up on Friday will be returned on Tuesday


How much does it cost and how do I pay?

Pricing is charged by the pound depending on the service you choose, except for oversized items (See Price List). Oversized items are charged per item not per weight. An invoice will be emailed/texted to you once your order is weighed after have been washed, dried, and folded. There is a link in the email/text to pay with a credit card, debit card, CashApp or Zelle. Payment can also be processed over the phone by contacting us at (561) 704-9526. Payment is required prior to delivery.


Is there a minimum charge?

Yes, there is a $25.00 minimum charge for all orders. You can provide less, but the minimum total on your invoice will be $25.00.


Is there a missed pick-up fee?

We’ve put in place email and text reminder tools to help make sure you don’t forget. However, if you do forget to leave your laundry out we do reserve the right to charge a $25.00 missed pickup fee to cover costs.


What areas do You provide services in?

We service many areas of Palm Beach County, Florida including Boynton Beach, Lantana, Lake Worth, Wellington, Delray Beach, and Boca Raton (See more areas here) We can accommodate orders outside of our service area, but a surcharge would apply. Please contact us directly at (561) 704-9526 to inquire about services outside of our current service area.


Is there a delivery charge?

No, pick up and delivery is always FREE


What Laundry Products Do You Use?

We offer Tide, Tide Free & Gentle, Gain, Downy Softener & Dry Sheets, Clorox Bleach, and Oxiclean.


Are my clothes washed with another customer?

Absolutely no, all orders are washed separately and never combined with other orders.


What settings are used to laundry my clothing?

As standard, all clothing is washed in cold water and dried at a medium heat setting to prevent damage. You will select your detergent preferences and drying settings during booking. According to the Department of Health and Human Services Household Products database; Fabric Softeners can increase flammability in clothing. For this reason, fabric softener is not used, but we are happy to provide it for no additional charge. Just make sure to request it when placing your order.


Do you treat stains?

Yes, we do. Please place all stained clothing in a separate bag labeled (Stain) and we’ll do our best to get it out. While we’re usually successful at removing stains, we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to get them out. If you can pretreat the stain before putting the garment in the bag, it will increase the odds of success. We will weigh them separately from the rest and a $0.75 extra charge per pound will be added to the final weight.


I don't want all clothes folded. Can you give them back to me on hangers?

Of course! Just provide us with hangers. We do our best to be environmentally conscious by using your hangers instead of disposable metal or plastic ones. Our goal is to make sure your laundry is ready to wear or put away the way you want it to be. Please place your hangers in a separate bag, do not put them inside the garment bag with your clothes, as this can increase the risk of damage to your clothes occurring during transportation. 


What happens if you lose/damage some garments?

While we strive to provide high-quality laundering services and use all reasonable precautions to avoid damage to clothes, there is a possibility for clothing and other items to be damaged. Damaged items must be reported to SudsExpress within 48 hours of the return of your laundered clothes. Notice can be provided by contacting or calling us at (561) 704-9526


Is there any contract or a long-term commitment?

None whatsoever. You can cancel or suspend your account at any time.


It's raining outside and I'm afraid my clean laundry will get wet. What should I do?

When the weather’s bad we double-bag your laundry to make sure it’s protected from the elements. We always do our best to protect your laundry however, we cannot be responsible for laundry that is lost or damaged by the weather after it’s dropped off at your home. Please review the terms and conditions for more details.


If there's severe weather and the roads are unsafe will my laundry be returned on time?

However rare this is, it can happen. If there is a storm or other natural occurrences, we will return your laundry to you as soon as it’s safe for our drivers to do so. We will keep you updated on any changes via phone, email, and/or text.


What if I have a question about my order?

Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns. We can be reached directly at (561) 704-9526 or by email at Your experience matters and will love to hear from you. Just let us know and we'll work hard to make it right. That's our promise to you. 

"Super Happy with SudsExpress! Excellent communication, professional, and will definitely be a repeat customer"

Sherley / Atlantis, FL

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